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Massage options

Enjoy the calming and relaxing effects of a massage – a good turn for body and soul. Let expert hands put you at ease. We're happy to advise on the best programme for you.

Appointments are available daily.
Appointments: Salt spa desk or reception T +41 81 838 58 58.

Full body massage

Classic massage. Stimulates circulation, releases tension, relaxes body and soul.
50 minutes CHF 80.00

Partial or sport massage

Ideal before or after sporting activities. Stimulates circulation and muscle metabolism.
25 minutes CHF 45.00

Minor and major lymphatic drainage

Stimulates lymphatic activity, increases well being and strengthens the immune system.
50 minutes CHF 80.00 (minor)
80 minutes CHF 125.00 (major)

Foot reflex zone massage

Stimulates local, intensive circulation and thus improves organ and tissue function.
45 minutes CHF 80.00

Aromatic oil massage

Slow, relaxing massage using selected aromatic oils.
50 minutes CHF 80.00

Regeneration massage

Combined treatment of lymphatic drainage and classic massage that promotes regeneration after sporting activities.
50 minutes CHF 80.00

Lomi lomi nui

Traditional massage from Hawaii with background music and scents in which various treatment techniques and stretching and joint work are applied. Enjoy a pleasant surprise!
50 minutes CHF 80.00
80 minutes CHF 125.00

Hot stone massage

Deep relaxation of body and mind. The combination of massage, heat, cold and energy work promotes well being in every way.
50 minutes CHF 80.00
80 minutes CHF 125.00

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